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Art Line Classic team consists of high-quality specialists with vast experience in various fields of art. Our employees have proficiency in both classical techniques of work, and the latest techniques, the use of which allows you to create unique result. Our studio works in all directions of art, from classical to modern and postmodern.

Stucco Interior Decoration
Nowadays architectural design with gypsum is becoming more and more popular. It is widely used for interior and exterior decoration of modern buildings. This in not only because of fashion trends, it is because of clients special tastes and preferences as well. Newfangled trends and fashion currents, create new demands and suggestions, and now using popular and laconic hightech with its minimalism is not enough to satisfy clients wishes and tastes.
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Facade Decoration
Many years ago, when people only started to make their first steps in building industry, they all used the same methods and techniques to create constructions. On full speed new buildings and constructions appeared one by one, with using the same technology. It quickly led to full monotony in architecture design.
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Nowadays it is very difficult to surprise a person with anything. Nobody can be surprised and excited when see design solutions, with the use of techniques in the high-tech style, and other urban and minimalist approaches. But don’t get discouraged, because there is always a way out. If you want to create something new and interesting – do not rush to reinvent the wheel because it has already been invented. Just refer to the origins of art, to the ancient techniques that been used for creating an interior and not only for ages.
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Gilding is an ancient technique that has shown itself from the best side for more than a century ago, and now it is becoming popular again, transforming into new trend. Classic interiors, which gradually acquire extraordinary popularity, can not be imagined without using various techniques and methods including gilding. Such techniques are very popular not only for interior design, they can be widely used by designers and architects who create their own unique masterpieces on the buildings facades.
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